Learn Skills to Foster Change

Families can heal, and you can be involved in your son or your daughter’s treatment and recovery in a positive, ongoing way. The following resources will help you get started.

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Have a Conversation, Not Another Confrontation

Learn how to best approach your son or daughter about his or her drug use, how to remain calm and make it a productive conversation.

Using Positive Reinforcement to Change Behavior

As a parent or caregiver you can use positive reinforcement to encourage the healthy, pro-social behaviors you want to see more of in your child.

Skills to Help You and Your Family Heal

Hitting “rock bottom” isn’t the only way. Learn about changing your child’s substance use and helping them recover by staying involved in a positive way.

The Parent’s 20-Minute Guide

Created for parents of teens or young adults that are struggling with substance use, the guide teaches evidence-based skills to help change behavior.

"Because of your sound advice, and helpful resources, I see hope now."
Helpline Caller
When My Son Became Addicted, I Thought It Was His Problem. But Addiction Is a Family Disease.

When father and author David Sheff’s son became addicted, he embarked on a journey to learn about preventing and treating this disease. Learn from his personal reflections.

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